SEN Deli Sushi Party Trays

Hosomaki Assortment 12" Tray $29.99 + tax

2 cucumber rolls, 2 pickled radish rolls, 2 shaved gourd rolls, 1 burdock roll and 1 avocado roll (total of 56pc)

California Rolls 12" Tray $32.99 + tax

40pc of California Rolls

Spicy Rolls 12" Tray $34.99 + tax

16pc of Spicy Tuna, 16pc of Spicy Salmon and 8pc of Spicy Shrimp

Futomaki and Inari Sushi 12" Tray $43.99 + tax

24pc of Futomaki and 8pc of Inari Sushi

Vegetarian Rolls 12" Tray $39.99 + tax

Chef's special Vegetarian rolls – approx. 40pc

Ebi, Tamago, Tako Nigiri and Unagi Lover Roll 12" Tray $48.99 + tax

4pc Ebi, 4pc Tamago, 4pc Tako Nigiri and 2 (16pc) Unagi Lover Rolls

Tuna, Salmon Nigiri and Spicy Tuna Roll 12" Tray $47.99 + tax

8pc Maguro, 8pc Salmon Nigiri and 2 (16pc) Spicy Tuna Rolls

Sashimi Assortment 16" Tray $109.99 + tax

Chef's Choice Sashimi - approx. for 10 people                                         

                                                                           Call to place an order :  206-552-6524 or Email :


We make custom order party trays.  Please discuss with our staff for the details.



     How would you like to have your own private chef for your home party?  We can arrange our Master Chef Owan to be there to make Sushi, Tempura, Shabu Shabu, etc. in front of your guests.  Please discuss with our staff for the details.

    For custom order Party Trays and Catering, please give us an 24-48 hour advance notice.